Professional Scrum Product Owner

Maximize the value of your organization's products

Being a professional Product Owner encompasses more than writing requirements or managing a Product Backlog. Product Owners need to have a concrete understanding of all product management aspects, not limited to Scrum delivery, that drives value from their products. 

Through a combination of instruction and exercises, we teach the reasons and basis for agile, the Scrum framework’s intention, and ways to enable your Scrum team to make the most valuable product they can. 

All of our classes are guaranteed to run.  We don’t cancel if we have students signed up.

Course Goal:

The overall goal of this course to equip the student to apply the vision, value, and validation pattern to get the best product for their customer. It is a deep and holistic introduction to Product Ownership as an agile product manager who uses Scrum to deliver customer satisfaction.



Who should attend?


The course assumes some knowledge of  product delivery (product management or Product Ownership).  It also assumes light familiarity with Scrum.  This course is perfectly appropriate for non-IT professionals who are looking to apply Scrum in their context..


Common myths debunked during class:

  • The Product Owner is the only one who creates the requirements.
  • PBIs are in the form of user stories.
  • A Product Owner is only required to communicate requirements; therefore, the position is something that can be done ‘part-time’ (“I have my day job” myth).
  • Only the Product Owner may touch the product backlog.
  • The Product Owner accepts or rejects work done by the scrum team.
  • The main purpose of agile is to deliver the same things as a traditional approach but faster and cheaper.


The PSPO course is a mix of lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises as you collaborate with other students.


  • Agile Product Management
    • Why is agility important to your organization?
    • Moving from a project to product mindset.
    • Empowering your Product Owner to really own the product.
    • Techniques for determining product strategy.
    • Creating a good product vision.
  • Value-Driven Development
    • Defining, delivering, and measuring value.
    • Applying value metrics to products.
    • Measurement Strategies.
  • Scrum Theory & Empiricism
    • The base reasons for an empirical approach.
    • What situations necessitate agile.
    • Keys to a more effective application of the agile mindset.
  • The Scrum Framework
    • How Scrum roles, artifacts & events related to the Product Owner.
    • Product Owner and the Sprint Goal.
    • When to be involved in the framework and when not to. 
    • Strategies to grow in the Product Owner role.
  • Product Backlog Management
    • Key characteristics of product backlogs.
    • Managing vision, value and validation.
    • Tools for refining product backlogs.
    • Visualizing and planning upcoming Work.
    • Techniques for ordering product backlogs.
  • Release Management
    • Release strategies for delivering more frequently.
    • Techniques for forecasting releases.
    • Date driven, scope driven, and resource-driven approaches to product releases.
    • Raising the visibility of the product delivery process.


After completing a Professional Scrum Product Owner course, you’ll receive credentials to take the Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I) assessment and earn the industry-recognized PSPO I Certification.  The assessment is taken outside of class at the student’s convenience.

Earning your certification will make you part of an elite community of 300,000+ certificate holders.