Why Agile-Smart

Professional training, from a seasoned professional, presented professionally, from a company that’s not out for your wallet

If you sign up for a class, we will hold the class.  Our job is not to post a flurry of classes and then cancel classes in order to consolidate students into the “real” class.

We’re not going to charge one price one day and another price another day.  The price we charge is the price you get.  You can be assured that there won’t miss out on a discount that the person in the next “seat” has – with the exception of group discounts which are clearly pointed out on our class registration pages.

We like to have fun in my class, but we are all professionals so Agile-Smart uses difficult, professional exercises that reflect real-world situations. Our students are intelligent peers who bring their own worthy, creative ideas to the class and we respect their thoughts.

Many of the questions students ask during class don’t have a black and white answer.  Frequently can give guidance and recommendations, but it’s up to the student to apply our feedback in their own organizational culture and domain – something that the students are experts in.

We don’t teach to the certification.  The point of the class is to learn the subject, not pass a test.  Much of what we cover will help in the certification test, but that is secondary to learning about the subject.  What’s covered in class is insufficient to take the test and pass unless you have experience.  We expect the students to study after class.