Why Dr. Suscheck


Dr Suscheck as over 30 years of experience in software development and education, starting his career as a developer and growing into an enterprise level agile coach.  He has taught Scrum.org classes to over 5,000 students and hundreds more in noncertified classes.  His classes range from advanced, highly technical programming classes to executive level organizational change classes.


In academics, he holds Doctor of Computer Science from Colorado Technical University, a Master of Computer Information Systems from Cleveland State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Edinboro University.  He has worked as full-time faculty member at Colorado State University and currently serve as adjunct faculty at several universities.


Charles not only teaches but consults with a variety of large organizations.  He focuses on helping organizations realize the benefits of agile principles and practices through better business and IT alignment.

Teaching Philosophy

I don’t post masses of classes and then cancel ones with low enrollment. If you sign up for my classes, you won’t be moved and I won’t cancel the class.

My classes focus on transforming the way you think about work over learning the mechanics of Scrum. If you don’t understand the basis for Scrum and you just follow the mechanics, you’ll be disappointed when you go to apply Scrum.

I don’t guarantee everyone will pass the Scrum.org assessment, and with good reason. The test is difficult and should be seen as a significant achievement. I don’t run a certification mill and as such, I teach a deep understanding of the reasons behind Scrum rather than how to pass a test.

I don’t play games in classes: no Legos, marshmallows towers, paper airplanes, or pickles. I like to have fun in my class, but we are all professionals so I use difficult, professional exercises that reflect real-world situations. I believe my students are intelligent peers who bring their own worthy, creative ideas to the class and I respect their thoughts.